Walk Dance

Walk Dance, Rustemul and Macedonian Girl (Makedonsko devojče) for solo guitar are published together in a single volume called Laments, Dances and Lullabies, Vol.1.
Recorded by Scott Tennant, Aram Van Ballaert, Miroslav Tadić and others.

Four Macedonian Pieces were written for alto flute and guitar, but a version for regular C - flute or violin is also included with the score.
Recorded by Cavatina Duo and others.

You can hear the sound samples and order these works from their publisher - LES ÉDITIONS DOBERMAN - YPPAN

If you are interested in scores for Jovka, Chicho, Knitting Lullaby (solo guitar) or Happy 13 (violin and guitar) and if you have questions about my pieces, please contact me directly.