Technical Information

by Miroslav Tadiċ

Vidarica was recorded on the afternoons of March 29th and 30th 2011 by Scott Fraser in his Sound Architecture studio in Los Angeles. He has been the main studio and live engineer of Kronos Quartet for many years. I've done several projects with him and he is definitely one of my favorites, with a great ear for acoustic music and just the right kind of energy and attitude. We were delighted to find out that he has been involved with Balkan music since the beginning of his career and was well versed in its meters and melodies. Later I did some additional recording of guitar intros and solos at the studio in my home in Los Angeles.

Voices of Teofiloviċi were recorded using Neumann U87 microphones. 

Guitars were recorded using a combination of Mojave Audio MA200 tube microphone and the Russian Oktava MC-012.

We were going for a very simple, beautiful and natural sound and performance without much intervention in post-production. Eleven of the fourteen songs have just two voices and one guitar – no overdubs. My main instrument is a traditional Flamenco guitar built by Manue Bellido of Granada, Spain in 1987. The three songs with guitar overdubs are:
- "Zaspalo je siroče" – one nylon-string guitar is overdubbed in the last verse
- "Gusta mi magla padnala" – beside the main nylon-string guitar overdubbed is a gigantic electric monochord (2m or 6ft long) that I built in 2007 and a 1939 National Steel slide guitar that I inherited from my close friend, composer Arthur Jarvinen
- "Navali se Šar planina" – beside the main nylon-string guitar overdubbed is a steel-string guitar of my own making and a Flamenco baritone guitar built by my close friend, the late Milan Sabljiċ.

At the end of "Vidarica" recording sessions with Scott Fraser:


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